Manpower ERP software is used by the Indian consultancy firms for maintaining their accounts pertaining to their placement activities in Gulf countries. This software is ideal for maintaining all billing records, payroll management, inventory management etc. It allows you to systematically record all types of transactions of your company in a chronological order. This software is all accuracy and convenience.

Income Summary

With the help of our Manpower ERP software you will be able to record all transactions which earn you revenues. You will be able to record all the incomes from your consultancy business like consultancy fees into this software and subsequently your income account gets debited with their respective amounts. This process is also known as closing process and our software automates the same. This also enables the users to pull customized income summary reports conveniently.

Expense Summary

By using our Manpower ERP software you will be able to classify and record all the expenses systematically. This software helps you to manage and record various operational expenses, administrative expenses, miscellaneous expenses etc. As soon as you record an expenditure based transaction into this software your expenses account gets credited automatically. This Manpower ERP software helps you to conveniently generate expense summary reports.

Balance Sheet

Our Manpower ERP software is ideal for you to prepare your Balance sheet in least possible time. You will be able to pull the trial balance records from different sources. This software calculates the tax rate, depreciation rate etc. as per the prevalent IT rule. The trading account, profit and loss account also get prepared automatically. The software then pulls all the amounts as per the nature of different accounts and post them in assets and liabilities side of the balance sheet.