Candidate Visa stage

Through Manpower ERP software you will get help to track the visa processing stages of all the candidates. Here you will be able to search candidate wise visa status and the actual reason for which the visa processing is pending. Through this online software you will also be able to follow up with candidates for their required documents as well as with the respective authorities.


Manpower ERP software lets you track the medical tests required for your selected candidates. The software tracks and manages the medical histories of different candidates. Through this software you will also be able to communicate with different candidates to intimate them about the medical tests they need to undergo. The medical test reports can also be preserved here candidate wise.

MOFA Payment

Manpower ERP software provides you a platform through which you will be able to make MOFA payment. By using our online software you will also be able to track the deducted amounts and the overall MOFA number generation status. Online payment made through this software gets credited to the embassy’s account on real time basis.

Visa Fees

Our Manpower ERP software helps you to pay visa fees promptly. Here you will have the liberty to pay visa fees in bulk for all the selected candidates. This helps you to process visa very fast. The fees paid through Manpower ERP online platform gets paid instantly. It uses encrypted network; hence the payment is made very confidentially.

Visa Stamping

Through our Manpower ERP software you will be able to initiate your visa stamping process for your selected candidates by filling up some simple steps. It allows you to track the status regularly. Different communications also get updated here like the interview date, required documents etc. Our software helps in streamlining the visa stamping process.