We have designed our Manpower ERP software to offer you the most formidable security. Here the data records, payment history and other confidential information are kept absolutely secured. Our security coding cannot be broken by the hackers. We use encrypted network hence it remains secured during transactions as well.

SSL Certificate

Our Manpower ERP software requires secure login. Only authorized users will be able to log into this software by using a valid login id and password. The password needs to be of a specific length and it should contain alphabets, numbers and special characters. This ensures no unauthorized access to your confidential data.

Secure Login

The attendances of the employee are important for calculating their salary. With the help of the Manpower ERP, you can track the actual attendance of the employee. This helps in giving the salaries to the employees at the right time without any errors. The software can go this way for months.

User Level

Manpower ERP software works on user levels to offer you enhanced security level. Here you will be able to administrative rights as well as user rights. Again the rights for individual roles can be customized as per requirements. While using the software anytime you can contact our customer care for amendments in user levels.


We assign different types of privileges for different users. For types of user levels we assign different types of privileges. For the matter of fact we can also assign different privileges for the same user level but that we do on the basis of our clients’ requests. Feature of privileges make your data extremely secured.